Learning by playing

Gamilab is a game based learning platform offering students a new and exciting way to learn.

Welcome, Color Quest's new hero!

The world has lost its colors! Help save the world by collecting the colored spheres spread around the maze.

  • Collect the color spheres to give the world its colors back!
  • Answer quiz questions to get points
  • Quick and easy to create!

What is Gamilab?

Gamilab allows teachers to meet their students on a relatable platform, using customizable games to teach students in a fun and engaging way. Our platform enables teachers to:

Create tasks based on your learning materials to make games that fit your classroom/students

Choose the game type of your liking and create quick and fun quizzes

Share your game easily with a link or game code - no app or installation needed

Boost your students’ motivation and confidence, using games to test their knowledge!

Create engaging learning experiences

Create games your students enjoy and enhance their attention. You can easily create games that:

  • Boost students’ enthusiasm for school subjects.
  • Repeat learning material in a fun and joyful way.
  • Let students learn new material with help from corrective feedback.
  • Give homework that students are motivated to complete.

Use Gamilab and help your students find their inner motivation!

Example games