Learning by playing

Gamilab is a game based learning platform offering students a new and exciting way to learn.

What is Gamilab?

Gamilab allows teachers to meet their students on a relatable platform, using customizable games to teach students in a fun and engaging way. Our platform enables teachers to:

Create tasks based on your learning materials to make games that fit your classroom/students

Use different game modes to create quick and fun quizzes

Share your games with other teachers or browse our marketplace for games made by other teachers

Boost your students’ motivation and confidence, using games to test their knowledge!

Create engaging learning experiences

Gamilab uses familiar elements from the gaming world such as:

  • Badges
  • Points
  • Stars
  • Avatars
  • High scores

These reward mechanisms ensure that students have a more entertaining, engaging and motivating experience compared to traditional learning.

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