We want to create a place where you can continue to make great games.

At Gamilab, we take pride in helping teachers create educational games to enrich their teaching experience. We want, as a supplier, to approach our users with ethical and moral responsibility. Therefore, we’ve chosen not to have any advertisements on our platform. We want to keep developing Gamilab to become the best game-based learning platform.

To accomplish this while keeping Gamilab free of advertising, we now offer a subscription service for game creators. We’ll continue to create new game types and experiences that will aid and enhance your teaching experience.

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Price Free $35/year
Players per game 10 Unlimited
Copy existing games close Unlimited
Use content created by others close check
Create Games check check
Find content created by others check check
Find questions in question bank check check
Use questions from question bank check check
See results check check
Inbuilt privacy check check
Use open source H5P check check
Upgrade your account after sign up