Turn your classroom into a GamiLab

Create inspiring learning games for your class

Test your Gamification knowledge.

What do you know about gamification and Gamilab.com, play this game to learn even more.

Addition within 100

Learn to add two-digit numbers within 100.

Find the color

Do you know all the colors? Find and learn colors in this fun game! Based on the book "Colors of nature" by Bulbul Sharma published on https://digitallibrary.io/en/books/read/1034/8567

Gamilab - You create the content, we do the rest.

Gamify your teaching and create fun and engaging learning games for your class.

Better yet, flip your classroom and have your students participate in creating tasks and challenges in the game.

We call it learning by teaching at its best.

Learning by teaching

With GamiLab, students can also create their own games. Collaborate with your students and give them an opportunity to be part of the game creation process by having them come up with their own questions, quizzes and tests.

Let your students challenge their classmates by creating questions with multiple choice answers. Creating a good Q&A demands that the student has deeper understanding of the subject as compared to just answering a question.

By reversing the student/teacher roles the student learns while having fun and a little bit of competition with his classmates.

Analytics - Host a game and track your players progress and results.

What is a lab without analytics? Absolutely nothing. We will analyze learning outcomes for you while tracking every player’s progress.

Share a game in your classroom by using a simple playcode, email or Google Classroom. This makes you the game host and allows you to track player result, progress and create high score lists in the game.