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Test your Gamification knowledge.

What do you know about gamification and, play this game to learn even more.

Business Gamified

Create high-impact learning games or campaigns that engage your audience, capture leads and empower sales.

With GamiLab you can become the interactive content wizard of your dreams - quickly, easily and without spending a dime on IT developers.

Employee training

Get out of the training rut by creating fun and engaging games to train and educate your staff.

Gaming is a new way to learn that makes learning exciting and playful. Add a bit of a competition by incorporating rewards, badges and leaderboards. A high score list could be a great motivator that allows the players to see where they excel and where they might use a little bit of extra work.

Collect all your educational materials in one place and get a standardized and documented training for all your employees.

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Don’t have time to create your own games? No problem! We got you covered!

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In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded by all kinds of advertisement. So how do you stand out among the masses? Simple! Use games to promote your product. Who doesn’t enjoy a quick game, especially when there’s a chance to win a prize or compete with your friends.

With GamiLab, you can engage your customers by creating fun, competitive games about your brand or product. Easily build e-mail lists, link your online store or offer specials and promotions.

Ready to jump on board with other businesses just like yours and see what you can create with GamiLab?

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Customer data and employee progress

Use our analytics to learn more about your employees’ progress and competence. Help your staff gain more knowledge and perform better by being able to see the areas that might need extra help or attention. GamiLab keeps track of player performance and can give you valuable feedback about your teams‘ skills and knowledge.

We can also implement GamiLab into your LMS. If you’re not using an LMS yet or looking to improve the one you have, visit our partner site