Share the game

When you have finished creating the game, you can share it with whoever you want to. Perhaps your pupils or your students? The employees in your department or your friends? Here’s what you need to know.

Top list

Do you want to make your game even more smashing? It could be a great idea to let the players compete for getting to the top of the high score list. Let them compete for the highest score or the fastest time, all depending on which type of game you have created!

How to do it

  1. Select to display the high score list.
  2. Select the maximum number of players to be displayed in the top list.
  3. Select the required number of players started playing for the top list to be displayed.
  4. Select the percentage of players on the top list to be displayed.


Before sharing your game, you have to decide on a few simple terms:

Do you want others to be able to make a copy of your game? To enable others to create games based on yours? If that is the case, check the box.

Do you want only logged in players to be able to play? If so, check the box.

Do you want to publish your game on the Gamilab marketplace, so that everyone visiting it can find and play your game? If so, check the box.

Select Publish, and you can share the game with whoever you want to!

Play code

A play code will automatically be generated when you publish the game.

Click on the card with the game code, and a dashboard opens. The dashboard presents several ways to share the game.

You can share a link, a code, by e-mail or using Google Classroom. When sharing a code, the players go to and enter the play code. And ta-da, they are ready to play!


Would you like to share the game in several groups – not just the one? Perhaps you are a teacher and you want to share your game in several classes? It might be a good idea to create separate play codes for each group or class. By doing so you will get a better overview of the players in each group, and how they are doing.

Select “New play code” from “Play codes” in the menu and generate a new code which you can share with players in a specific group. You may also name the code in order to make it easier to distinguish between different groups. Easy-peasy!