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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Gamilab free? Is there a paid version?
Yes! At the moment all features are free and limitless. We are working on making a paid version with additional features.

2. How many can play a game at the same time?
There is no limitation for simultaneous users.

3. Do I need to log in to play a game?
Not all games require login. This is a publish setting within the game editor and therefore entirely up to the creator of the game if they want the users to login in order to play that particular game.

For teachers, requiring login is practical in order to see which student has started, completed or passed a game. 

As a player, logging in is practical as the games you play will be added to «My results» and you’ll be able to pick up where you left, if you don’t have time to finish a game.

4. How can I change my status from student to teacher?
In order to get a teacher profile, you must have at least one published game that you are the owner of.

5. Can Gamilab be customized/themed?
Yes! Background, icons and avatar can be customized to fit your company’s color and branding. Contact for pricing and specs.