Get started

It’s easy to create games in Gamilab. Follow the instructions below, and you will get a flying start!

1 Log in

Go to and log in. 

Sign up if you have not already done so.

Do you want to be spared from remembering yet another password? Feel free to log in with an account that you already have opened on other online services, like Google or Facebook.

2 Create a game

Select “Create” in the top menu.

Name the game, and then add tags which will make it easier for others to find your game. Tags are valuable labels which describe the game. You add more tags by pressing enter after every tag. 

Select the kind of game you would like to create. You may choose between the following three types:

  • King of the mountain – reach the top as quickly as possible!
  • Bike race – get to the finishing line as soon as possible!
  • Explore – gather as many points as possible!

Tip – define goals and target audience

Do you want to make it simpler for others to understand what they can expect to learn from your game? Add a few words that explain – quite briefly – the goal of the game. Doing so, and you may actually reach the people you want to even better. Plus – it motivates!

Fill in what your target audience is, and it will also be easier for your target audience to discover your game!

Tip – work together

We all think it is nice to get input from others when we are stuck, don’t we? To get a new and fresh perspective and help to move on? Now you can do just that: Add the e-mail address of those you want to work with, and you’re up and running. Simple – and fun!

There – now you you are ready to add content to the game!