Game type King of the Mountain

The game type King of the Mountain is all about reaching the goal – the top of the mountain – as quickly as possible. That’s why this type of game is brilliant for simple and quick quizzes.

King of the mountain! The player has reached the top of the mountain – and the end of the game.

On the way to the top, the player encounters at least seven questions. To get to the top, the player must answer all the questions correctly.

At some point, the player may have to move back to the start if the answer is incorrect – much like in Snakes and ladders.

Answering correct on the red flag part of the mountain is crucial

Once the player has passed this point and reached the top, the player gets feedback on time spent on the climb. A list of the highest scores achieved in the game is also displayed.

Just get started – you can create a King of the Mountain-game in no time!

How to do it

Select the the game type King of the Mountain.

Fill in title and quest (goal). Add tags if you wish and perhaps also people that you will be working with when creating the game.

You have now reached step four in the creation of the game, and are ready to start making the questions.

Select “Game board”, and then press “Questions”.

A window will open and you can choose to

  1. create questions and answers or
  2. use questions and answers which others have already created

Create questions and answers

First, let’s have a look at how you create your own questions and answers. You must add at least seven questions to your game. Here’s how to do it:

Write a question, and add possible answers. There can be only one correct answer, but you are free to choose the number of incorrect alternatives you would like to provide. Still, we recommend that you do not add more that three incorrect answers, seeing as time spent is of the essence in a King of the Mountain-game.

Choose from questions and answers that others have created

You can also make a King of the Mountain-game using quizzes others have created. Choose from the suggested questions listed. These are questions and answers which others have created, and are suggestions based on the title of the game and tags you have added.

You can choose freely among the alternatives. Press the Plus button for the questions you would like to add to the game. Then select “Save & Close”. Remember that you have to add at least seven questions.

There – now you have made a King of the Mountain-game!