Game type Explore

In a game of the type Explore, the player moves from start to goal in a board game, trying to gather as many points as possible on the way. It is not about getting to the finish line first. It is about solving the tasks in the best possible way.

The player will follow the path from one task or resource to another – whilst collecting points.

When you create an Explore-game, you can choose between several task types.
Or you can create simple quizzes if you wish to.

In other words: It is all set for rich and varied gaming experiences!

How to do it

Select the game type Explore.

Fill in title and quest (goal). Add tags if you wish and perhaps also people that you will be working with when creating the game.

You have now reached step four in the creation of the game, and are ready to create the tasks in the board game.

Create the board game

Select “Game Board”, and you get a default board game with a toolbar. Several templates are available. If you want a different background than the default one, choose from “Theme” and “Background” in the toolbar.

First select “Theme”. If the theme has alternatives to choose from, you also select “Background”.

The game board is now ready, and you can move on to create the tasks for the board game.

Create the tasks

Double-click on the board game and select “Add node with content”.

You then get access to a content library where you can either use tasks created by others or you can create your own.

The library provides more than 30 interactive content types! It is all set for you to create exciting and varied games. You will find a complete list of the content types on Here you also find tutorials and examples which can help you on your way.

We will now demonstrate one of the content types – interactive video. The interactive video allows you to enrich a video with a wide range of interactions. Adding questions and tasks to the video is an excellent way to engage players!

How to create an interactive video

Press “Create content” and select “Video” in the drop-down menu.

An editor will open where you either upload a video or paste a link to a video, for instance a YouTube-video.

Select “Add interactions”, and add questions and tasks to the video. You are free to add as many tasks as you wish, and place them where you wish. We choose to add a plain True/False task at the end of the video, for the player to simply decide whether or not a statement is true or false.

Make a few basic settings for viewing the task, and then write the statement and also tick off for the statement being true or false.

Press “Done” and then save, and you have created the first task in the interactive video.

We have given you just one example. The game type Explore gives you great freedom and endless opportunities to create amazing games. Explore, and let creativity flourish!