Get in the Christmas mood with this little advent calendar🎄

Ho ho ho! 🎅 Do you need a quick treat or break for your students? Take a look at this calendar template we’ve put together for you. The template we’ve made can be found at the bottom of the article.

We have thrown together a small game consisting of the Advent Calendar (H5P).

How it works

The content-type works just like a regular advent calendar with doors that the students can open for each day. Using this cozy little content type, you’ll be able to create a variation of small daily breaks using text, images, links, audio, and video.

Note that you can only choose one type of content per door or day.

Behind each door you can choose content based on audio, image, link, text or video.

Some things to be aware of

We have enabled “Design mode” for the “template” within the behavioral settings. This allows the opening of all doors at all times. If this box is unticked, the doors will only open on the respective day or later.

If you plan to run this game in the plenum for your students, we recommend using the “Design mode” as it gives you the freedom to open doors in advance before Christmas break.

If you enable “Design mode” all doors can be opened whenever you want.

Tip 1 – don’t worry, you have time

Remember that you don’t have to have a finished calendar before the 1st of December. You can, at all times, edit the resource and add content behind the doors, which gives you a bit more time to finish it in time.

Tip 2 – save time with the standard background

If you wish to use a different background for the calendar, note that the doors do not have opacity, meaning you’ll have to do some extensive work in a photo editor to create the front and back to each entry and make them fit. If not, you’ll end up with doors that do not match the background as they’ll get random colors, messing up the whole background image.

The template – adopt and use in your class

Go to the template on

So here’s our little pre-Christmas gift for you! Test it out and click the “Use this game” button in the lower right corner below the game to make your copy and adapt for your use.

Click the “Use this game” button to make and adapt your own copy.